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Energy efficient Jawo electric heaters. Jawo heaters are made from aluminium. This guarantees not only lightweight as aluminium is 1/3 of the weight comparing to steel but it is also corrosion resistant, therefore rust free!

It’s an economical form of electric heating, far greater than others thanks to its technological innovations, designed to save energy. A new concept of the convection profiles in Jawo heaters enables exceptional performance between radiant and convection heat. Additionally, we use programmable electronic thermostats with a modern LCD-display. They are economical, transparent, precise and very easy to use. As you can see we have managed to develop an efficient and economical electric storage heater which saves you energy.

Inside every Jawo heater, there’s a ceramic core called Koalit, a material designed specifically for the accumulation of heat. It consists solely of natural materials such as: Schamotte, rapeseed oil and soapstone. It gets hot really fast, holding on to heat and releasing it evenly. It retains its heat for much longer, which will further reduce heating up time and use electricity efficiently.

Jawo heaters are well known for their outstanding quality and efficiency which makes them a remarkable product. Their design is very modern and timeless, they suit every style of living. The production is based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt Main in Germany. They are suitable as a full heating system or auxiliary heating for the transitional period of the year and offer the best possible replacement for a night storage heating system. Thanks to a milestone in control technology, our appliances are equipped with thermostats enabling temperature and time regulation as well as with an ECO-function. This saves you money and reduces energy consumption.

Our friendly staff will explain in detail how the heating can be adapted to your individual needs and structural conditions. We will be glad to offer you competent consultation, leaving enough time to decide for yourself.

Whether you need to heat your home, a workshop or a home-office, we’ve got a radiator for you. For more information about which electric heater is best suited to your needs, call us. We are only ever a phone call away.

German Precision  Engineering– All Jawo heaters are hand made and finished to the highest quality.

Energy efficient – controllable heating system allows you to set the temperature 24/7.

15 years manufacturer's warranty and 2 years warranty on electric components/ parts.

100% Aluminium- lightweight and rust free!

Easy to install- can be installed on partition walls thanks to its light weight design.

Great heat retention- after reaching desired temperature Jawo heaters automatically turn itself off- save electricity and £££.

No leaks! – no pipes or boilers required.

Suitable for use with a 13amp plug or spur wired- Jawo heaters can be plugged into 13amp socket or hard wired.

Easy to clean- sleek design makes it easy to wipe.

Safe in bathroom- All Jawo heaters are IP24 rated and are safe to use in the bathroom.

Jawo heaters provide the most efficient heat distribution to achieve the optimal comfort level of the ambient temperature due to the combination of impressive convected and radiant heat spread patterns. The internal design of the heater creates the quickest and the most effective method to warm the air resulting in powerful convection heat (A). This keeps the circulating air at a constant temperature within the room, drawing-in cooler air at floor level, rapidly converting it into warm air using our unique aluminium chimney-like profiles inside the heater to allow the warm air exiting through the top. Radiant heat (B) is emitted from the face of the radiator. The total heat distribution and reach enables all objects in the room to absorb heat quicker for steady and constant temperatures. The absorbed heat will then re-radiate back into the room, creating a 360° radiator. This type of air flow is proven to be the most comfortable form of heat diffusion. Jawo radiators have a sensor to measure the room temperature ensuring even heat distribution throughout negating any cold spots. Jawo's outstanding combination of radiating and convection heat synergy, ensures their heaters are extremely cost and energy efficient in their overall performance.

​The unique Jawo chimney profiles made from high-quality aluminium are attached to the aluminium housing unit at regular intervals creating an extended heating surface. Stainless steel heat resistors are pressed into the central ceramic core 'Koalit' for the most accurate heat interface. As the storage plates completely overlay the inner surface of the heater, the spread of heat from the outer surface is very uniform, thus reaching the most dynamic and comfortable heat emission, as such Jawo heaters warm up rapidly and retain the temperature for a long time. Bottom line is rapid and even heat up period, low cost consumption with no cold spots - win/win/win.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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